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Facilitating Organizations
to Harmonize the Three
Intelligences – Rational,
Emotional and Spiritual

mindfulness based training for people and organizations

“To be resilient and find equanimity through the ancient practice of mindfulness now validated by modern neuroscience that enables wellness and wellbeing - leading us to be generous and gracious, kind and loving - yet hold our ground and be tough when necessary through the rollercoaster ride of life.

We believe this is the recipe to be grounded and skillful to navigate the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world having a peace of mind to heal and harmonize to create a sense of community and togetherness for joy and happiness.

This enables us to acknowledge our emotions as they arise, gain some space and respond rather than react in a more reasonable rational manner.  That way we manage our emotions and relationships better, while staying healthy and well.
This is the Power of Balance to live life in a state of FLOW."

It is Lonely at the Top - A
Special  Call for the Leaders

It is lonely at the top - especially in this volatile world of radical uncertainty and wicked problems - leading an organization can be challenging to say the least.  The sheer complexity of the world and the pace of change requires organizational leaders to be super-human.
Challenges arise out of who to believe - both internally and externally and to deal with the uncertainties of politics and legislation; markets and global economics; societal and culture change; emergent technologies and the changing environment and climate that impacts the organizational well-being, sustainability and profits.

That is why every leader needs a trusted friend - an independent objective advisor, a provocative mentor, a coach -who understands the corporate world and beyond in the ground realities - who has wide ranging global experience working in a full spectrum of areas and situations from business, government, non-governmental, advocacy and aid agencies - who knows the fundamental universal laws of thermodynamics through an engineering education and continues a deep inquiry into the psychology of the mind, neuroscience of the brain - marrying them with ancient philosophies and sacred spiritual practices such as mindfulness bringing them to the organizational management and leadership sphere.     

Understanding and being in touch with grass roots realities within and outside the organization is crucial to a successful leader and finally realizing our interconnected cause and effect nature in the web of life is foundational.

For organizational leaders

It is a messy volatile world out there and in a time of confusion - it can be lonely at the top.   Every leader needs a trusted advisor who understands the subtleties and nuances of the tremendous change happening out there and the importance of the psychology of the mind and leadership in relation to organizations and the world.  Lalith plays a discreet role with leaders in this process.

For the organization

We design mindfulness-based interactive workshops and training programs to suit your needs and expectations. 

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